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ShoutUp is a fun and easy way to put messages on the screen of your phone for others nearby to see.

Most of us know what it’s like to wish we could message someone across the room, but didn’t have their phone number.
Or we might be in danger and need anyone to see our words of HELP!
Perhaps you need to message a friend without ringing, buzzing or using their phone.

With ShoutUp

• You can send messages to anyone without knowing their phone number.
• Make new friends, get help or communicate to others without their phone.
• Select your pre-recorded message, type a new message or speak to ShoutUp a message that can be instantly seen by others.
• Change the color of the text and background.
• Speed-up or slow-down the scrolling message.
• Save and re-use messages for any occasion.

There are always times when we can not communicate with someone because they are not in our contact list, they don’t know you are calling or texting or they don’t have their phone. With ShoutUp, you can message one or more persons without knowing their phone number and they don’t need a phone to see your message.

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Check Out This Cool Features!

Say or Type a Message.

Adjust How Fast the Message Scrolls Across Your Screen.

Select the Font Color and Background Color.

Save Messages to Use Any Time!

Run The Message.

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This App is definitely the best as its best! You sure wanna try it out.


Wow! Had a really great fun using this. Cool Interface, very user-friendly and smooth functionalities. Good job on bringing this out.